(The author also recounts how he got a new lease on life … )
by Ajay Partap Singh,  Email:

"When all doors are shut for the homeless sick lying on the roadsides and at other places, the door of this Ashram remains open. Everything is provided for FREE. Not even single penny is charged.”

My name is Ajay Partap and I’m from Kannauj (UP). I’m a post graduate; however due to psychological complications, I could not sustain my job for a long time. I was so hopeless that I started searching an easy way to finish myself. While surfing on the internet, I found out about “Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram”. This Ashram is located near village Sarabha of Ludhiana district in Punjab. On November 19, 2016, I called the founder of the Ashram Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat. He politely enquired about my sufferings and assured me the treatment, care, and shelter. I immediately set out for this distant and unfamiliar place. In this Ashram, I got the best treatment FREE OF COST. After recovery, I was employed to distribute medicines to the inmates of the Ashram. This was the start of my new life for a noble cause.

Founder of this Charity, Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat is a former Professor and Scientist of PAU Ludhiana, Univ. of Windsor (Canada), and Morrison Scientific Inc. Calgary (Canada). Since 2005 for many years, Dr. Mangat pedaled his bicycle on the roads of slum areas of Ludhiana city and saved the lives of numerous homeless sick lying on the roadsides ( In picture Dr Mangat picking up a homeless-sick from roadside). In 2010 he opened a free shelter and nursing home for the poorest of the poor called “Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram” which is now a charitable registered Trust. The whole property is in the name of the Trust.

The vulnerable, disabled, mentally challenged, paralyzed and poor sick virtually living in hell on the roadsides and other places are brought to the Ashram.  Every effort is made to save their lives. Dr. Jai Kamal examines patients at the Ashram regularly and prescribes general medicines. The medicines for mentally-sick are prescribed by Psychiatric Dr. R.L. Narang (without any consultation charges). The food, clothes, health care and other necessities are provided FREE OF COST.
About 250 homeless-sick patients from Punjab and other states have been admitted in the Ashram since 2010. Some of them expired; some regained health after treatment and started to earn their livelihood again. The remaining patients who are unable to improve much live in the Ashram permanently. At present more than 80 (eighty) homeless male and female patients are living in the Ashram. Out of these many of them are mentally and physically disabled, paralyzed, unable to answer the call of nature at their own, cannot recall their own name or whereabouts. As the Ashram does not charge even a SINGLE PENNY from the inmates, it has no income of its own. It is being run wholly on donations by the Trust. Construction of third storey of the Ashram is urgently required to cope with the incresing number of patients.
At present Dr Naurang Singh Mangat is visiting his family in Calgary.  For details, he can be reached at his Canada cell phone 403-401-8787 or in India at mobile 95018-42505, or at, or one can visit  and